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Material and Resources

Links to all the documents and resources that are open access, created by us, or by other organizations that have made them public. Feel free to download them and share them with your friends and family members.

Broken encapsulated styrofoam in a beach

Policy Brief 2022

We created a Policy Brief to be distributed to the policymakers, with information about polystyrene pollution, existing regulations, and recommendations.

Logo of Shishalh nation, first nation drawing

Shíshálh Nation Dock Policy

The Shíshálh Nation has created a Best Management Practices for Marine Docks document. If you would like to know more about their self-governing model click here.

Ocean Legacy Logo, a humpack whale drawing with the world map on the background

Ocean Legacy Foundation

Click here if you would like to know more about marine plastic pollution in British Columbia waters and coast. And actions are being carried in the moment.


One Pager

We created a One Pager with the main information about Polystyrene pollution in B.C. and about other regions that have already implemented some management.

collected styrofoam

Scholar report

A report containing all the research that we have done. With the information on polystyrene, its ecological effects, some case studies, and recommendations.

People picking up styrofoam from the beach

BC marine debris working group Brief Note

A briefing note explaining the problem, scale of it, alternatives, regulatory solutions, and more. 

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